FSSAI Registration
(FSSAI License)


  • Required for online grocery chains, restaurants, food dealers, caterers and food services startups
  • Expert advice and FSSAI eligibility counseling.
  • Application Formatting for FSSAI Registration.
  • 14-digital FSSAI License Number.
  • Product Category Explanation.
  • FSSAI Renewal Before Expiry.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory authority that grants food licenses to all Food Business Operators (FBOs) in India. All FBOs should follow all the rules and regulations of FSSAI for food quality control.

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What is FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) provides food license to every food business in India, also it looks after the safety of the customer and the product.According to the FSSAI Act 2006, it is important for each food entrepreneur to apply for a FSSAI permit in India. FSSAI registration helps the food business owners to avail various benefits through it.

My Financial Advisory provides FSSAI online registration and license across India. We can help you to get FSSAI license which can enhance the quality of your food if you are interested in food business in Delhi.

  • Expert advice and FSSAI eligibility counseling.
  • Application Formatting for FSSAI Registration.
  • 14-digital FSSAI license number.
  • Product Category Explanation.
  • Timely follow up with FSSAI department.
  • FSSAI renewal before expiry.
  • Legal documents on a need basis.
  • Open to offer Basic Registration, State Registration and Central Registration

Who needs FSSAI Registration?

  • FBOs such as Wholesalers, Distributors, Suppliers, Retailers, Food Vending Establishments, Hawkers, Clubs, Canteens, Dhabas, Hotels, Restaurants and Warehousing Facilities with an annual turnover of less than Rs 12 lakhs, between Rs 12 lakhs to Rs 20. crore or more than Rs.20 crore.
  • Small producers self-manufacturing
  • A temporary stall selling food products.
  • Businesses that sell food at a social or religious gathering other than as a caterer.
  • Cottage industries related to food products
  • Units producing or processing vegetable oil by process of refineries including solvent extraction and oil expeller systems. With a capacity to provide 100 kg/l (excluding milk or meat) per day.
  • Dairy units involved in procurement/collection/handling/cooling of milk, with a capacity not exceeding 500 liters per day, or 2.5 MT of milk solids annually.
  • Slaughter capacity of not more than 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day.
  • proprietary foods
  • Vegetable oil production and processing units by the process of solvent extraction and refineries including oil extraction units. With turnover within Rs. 12 lakh to Rs. 20 crore annually.
  • Hotels with 4-star rating or less or 5-star or higher rating.
  • Storage capacity of less than 50,000 MT or more than 50,000 MT annually.
  • All food processing units including re-packers with daily capacity not exceeding 100 kg/l to 2 MT.
  • 100% export oriented units involved in food production or processing.
  • Every importer includes the import of food stuffs or additives.
  • Caterers working under the central government or related agencies like railways, airlines and airports, seaports, defence, etc.
  • All food processing units including re-packers except cereals, pulses and grain milling units with a capacity of more than 2 MT per day.
  • All FBOs involved in the production of a food article, additive or ingredient thereof by using some new process or technology, and/or a combination thereof, the safety of which has not yet been established by FSSAI. Or they may not have a history of safe use. This includes food items being introduced for the first time in the country.

Advantages of FSSAI Registration

  • To create awareness among the customers. Customers will be aware of the quality of your products. Especially after the Maggi scandal, people are becoming very careful nowadays.
  • You will get legal benefits. Licensing costs little compared to fines if you get caught. Therefore, businessmen are always asked to register themselves first.
  • If you have the FSSAI logo, you can put it on your products and pamphlets with great confidence. This will help you build goodwill as your customers will trust your products.
  • If you want to expand your business then this logo will definitely help you a lot. Taking loans from banks will become very easy.

Types of FSSAI License

Businesses engaged in food activities need to apply for food licenses which can be of different types depending on the turnover, scale of business and type of activity. The types of FSSAI Food License are as follows:

  • FSSAI Basic Registration
  • FSSAI registration is for Food Business Operators (FBOs) having small sized businesses or start-ups. His annual turnover is less than Rs 12 lakh. Basic registration can be upgraded depending on your business sales graph productivity.

  • FSSAI State License
  • State FSSAI license is for those FBOs having medium sized business. Their annual turnover is more than Rs 12 lakh or up to Rs 20 crore. State license can be further upgraded to central license, it all depends on your business sales graph productivity.

  • FSSAI Central License
  • Central FSSAI license is applicable for those FBOs whose turnover is more than Rs.20 crores i.e. annual turnover. It is also required in cases where you need to supply to government offices or import/export food products.

Documents required for obtaining FSSAI registration / license

The following documents are required to obtain FSSAI Basic Registration, FSSAI State License and FSSAI Central License:

  • Photo identity proof of food business operators.
  • Business constitution certificate, i.e. partnership deed, certificate of incorporation, shop and establishment license or other business registration certificate.
  • Proof of occupation of business premises, i.e. Rental Agreement, NOC from the owner of the rented premises, utility bills etc.
  • Food Safety Management System Scheme.
  • List of manufactured or processed food products.
  • Bank account information.
  • Supporting documents (if required) such as NOC by municipality or panchayat, health NOC, copy of license from the manufacturer, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned general documents, some specific documents are required to obtain FSSAI State License and FSSAI Central License. The specific documents required to obtain an FSSAI state license are:

  • Form B duly filled and signed
  • Scheme of Processing Unit showing Dimensions and Operation-wise Area Allocation
  • List of Directors/Partners/Proprietors with Address, Contact Details and Photo ID
  • Name and list of equipment and machinery used along with number and installed capacity
  • Authorization letter from the manufacturer Name and address of a responsible person designated
  • Analysis report of the water used in the process to confirm portability
  • Copy of certificate obtained under COP Act 1861/Multi-State COP Act 2002. In addition to the general license, the following specific documents are required to obtain an FSSAI central license:
  • Source of raw material for milk, meat etc.
  • Recall plan wherever applicable
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU
  • NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI
  • IE Code Document issued by DGFT
  • Form IX
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism
  • Supporting documents for proof of turnover and transportation
  • Declaration form

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