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PF registration is applicable for all organizations which employ 20 or more employees.

An important tool to aid in saving the workforce is EPF or the Employees’ Provident Fund. EPFO or Employees’ Provident Fund Organization of India manages the provident fund of employees under the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Once an establishment employs 20 or more people, it becomes mandatory for the organization to obtain PF registration. The total contribution to the PF fund is 12% of the basic salary plus DA plus retaining allowance by both the employee and the employer.

What is PF?

Employees’ Provident Fund or PF-Provident Fund is a retirement savings scheme provided by the government for all salaried employees in India, on which fixed interest is paid regularly.

A Provident fund is a prerequisite given by the employer to his employees over and above their basic remuneration.

Eligibility for PF Registration for Indian Employers

  • To be eligible for PF registration, an organization must fulfill the following criteria:
  • A factory with a total employee strength of 20 or more.
  • An establishment employing more than 20 persons. Here, the central government defines the class of such firms.
  • An establishment having less than 20 employees has been notified for compulsory registration for at least 2 months.
  • Companies with less than 20 employees (Note: Such companies should issue notice to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization within 2 months or less)
  • Employers and employees of an establishment must mutually agree to apply for PF to the Central PF Commissioner. A notification is to be sent in the Official Gazette from the date of the agreement.
  • Every employee is eligible for PF right from the beginning of his employment. The employer is responsible for the PF contribution and deduction.

Benefits of PF Registration:-

  • Pension Coverage

In addition to the employee’s contribution to EPF, the employer adds a similar amount which includes the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS). Hence, EPF saves your pension.

  • Risk Cover

In case of instances like illness, death, or retirement, a provident fund helps the dependents of the employee to cover the financial risks faced in such situations.

  • Single Account / One EPF Account

PF accounts can be transferred while changing jobs. Universal Account Number (UAN) linked with Aadhaar will be launched to facilitate the linking of previous accounts. Instead of closing it, it can be taken to the new employer. This uniformity ensures that the rate of return is compounded over the years.

  • Emergency Fund

Emergencies are bound to happen at any point in life. EPF amount can be of extraordinary assistance during mishaps, sicknesses, weddings, and instructive costs. Employees can claim online.

  • Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme

Any individual having a PF account is qualified for this protection conspiracy which requires just 0.5% of compensation derivation as premium.

  • Extended Target

A PF account can be beneficial for long-haul objectives like purchasing a property or setting up an asset for youngsters.

Benefits of PF Registration:-

  • Compliance with Statutory Guidelines – PF registration helps businesses to comply with statutory guidelines as it is mandatory for businesses having more than 20 employees.
  • Employee Savings – This helps in savings for employees by maintaining regular fund contributions from both the employer and the employees.
  • Availability of Funds – Contribution to Provident Fund can be withdrawn by the employees in the time of their need like medical emergency, marriage expenses, education, etc.
  • Tax Benefits – Interest earned on provident fund savings is tax-free and contribution to the fund is deductible from salary.
  • High Security – The PF amount is safe and secure from any market variation and the employees are assured of a return on their principal amount.
Documents Required for PF Registration
  • Copy of PAN/COI.
  • Address proof of the premises.
  • Proof of Identity and Address of the Directors/Partners/Proprietor.
  • Details with address and contact details of resident and all members in case of Society/Trust.
  • Partnership Deed/LLP Agreement/MOA and AOA.
  • Details of employees, details of nominees, details of salary.
  • Canceled bank account check.
For Personal Identity Proof:
  • Passport; or
  • Aadhar Card; or
  • Voter ID card; or
  • driving license
For Personal Address Proof:
  • Self-attested copy of telephone/mobile or electricity bill; or
  • Bank account details (less than 2 months old)

For Proprietorship/Partnership/LLP/Company Address Proof:

  • Telephone/mobile/electricity/gas bills (less than 2 months old); And
  • A notarized copy of the rent agreement along with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for carrying on business in case of rented premises;
  • Registered title document in case of self-owned premises.
How do we help with online pf registration?

Provident fund  can be an incredible help, security and confirmation for the workers as it gives the representatives a feeling of monetary security. It is regulated by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), which is one of the most famous and largest social security organizations in India. They handle large amounts of financial transactions on a daily basis. The method involved with applying for a good asset is additionally not a troublesome undertaking as long as you have an expert to take care of your sort things.

At My Financial Advisory, we guarantee that you will not have to go through the legal implications of registering for PF. Once we get the required information and documents, our experts fill the form accurately and submit it on time. Our team takes the responsibility of follow-up and provides you with your PF number as soon as possible.