Trademark Registration



Trademark Registration

Ensure your business character by getting Trademark Registration Online/Brand and Logo Registration

  • Choose a singular distinctive mark/logo/name for your company
  • Submission of documents with our Trademark Registration Specialist.
  • Fast and convenient trademark registration process.

Our Fees Structure:
  • Market Price : 7000
  • MFA Price : 5999 Plus GST

How Online Registration of Trademarks Will Add Value to Your Business?

Trademark Registration helps in establishing a long-term image of the corporation within the minds of the purchasers. Trademarks leave an enduring impression and other people remember a graphical image or logo for an extended period of your time than a corporation name.

The online trademark registration process is regulated under the principles and regulations of the required Trademark Act, 1999. It helps your product to possess representation , uniqueness from competitors, and build brand value. This unique identity is given within the sort of a particular word, logo, symbol, letter, number or combination thereof.

What is the Trademark Registration Process?

  • Prepare an inventory of possible logos/images/names which will represent your brand.
  • Filing of Trademark Logo Registration form
  • Fill in Form TM-A and TM-M and Signature of the applicant.
  • Attach Supporting Documents with Trademark Registration form.
  • Scrutiny of documents by the trademark registration authorities.
  • Trademark logo registration certificate issued.

Benefits of Online Trademark Registration / Brand and Logo Registration

The benefits associated with trademark registration are discussed below

  • Branding and managing your business.
  • Product differentiation from competitors.
  • Legal proceedings for breach of rules.
  • Recognition of product or services.
  • Competitive edge up the market.
  • Increase brand goodwill.
  • Stop unfair trade practices.
  • Less cost than an offline process.

Trademark Registration Process

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  • According to the sort of business you've got registered, like sole proprietorship, partnership firm, etc. you'll have to submit an identity proof of the owner/partners/directors and address proof of the registered place of business as per your organization.
  • Once you've got an image of your brand logo (standard size of 9 x 5 cm), proof of claim of the said proposed mark being previously utilized in another country, if applicable you'll hire knowledgeable and may apply for your trademark registration in Delhi.

Various Trademark Symbols

  • 'TM' symbol
  • TM stands for Trademark. In India TM is employed for an unregistered trademark to market the brand. One cannot use the symbol R unless it's registered.

  • 'SM' symbol
  • SM stands for Service Mark. Symbols for unregistered trademarks used exclusively for service, like TM for goods and SM for service.

  • 'R' symbol
  • R is employed for registered trademark. Registered trademark deters copycats; it also gives you the advantage of ownership within the courts. If you've got registered a trademark then you are completely protected.

Documents Required for Online Trademark Registration

The following documents are mandatory for obtaining a Trademark Registration Certificate:

  • Proof of applicant
  • The TM owner is required to present his identity proof. A number of the documents for this purpose are Aadhar Card, driver's license, Passport, card or Voter ID.

  • Brand name and logo
  • The name of the brand that you're applying for trademark logo registration.

  • Affidavit
  • Self-attested affidavit will give authorization for the utilization of your personal data.

  • MSME / Start-up Recognition
  • A partnership firm / body corporate can submit a certificate of registration under MSME or Startup India to urge substantial exemption on government fee.

  • Signed Form TM - 48
  • Form for authorization of an agent.

Why is trademark registration important?

Trademark registration is important and necessary for business because:

  • It reflects your unique identity
  • It helps you build trust and loyalty among your customers
  • It provides legal protection for your brand identity
  • It is an asset in itself
  • This prevents unauthorized use of your brand identity..

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